I am unable to open my files once they are downloaded

When you download individual files or a directory from Genomics Depot, they are either individually zipped or in a zipped directory. You need to unzip it with WinZip, 7-Zip or any other file compression software. From there you can view them in the software of your choice.

What freeware is available to view my files?

Sanger Sequencing:

Below are several programs available to visualize Sanger sequencing files. Note, some are free and some are available for purchase:

Accurate sequencing data can only be obtained from the electropherogram so it is very important to look at it and not just the sequence.


I am unable to log in to the Genomic Depot with my MSU NetID

Make sure you have been set-up with an account first by contacting RTSF. If you know you have been set-up and have received the email then check with us first to make sure we have the correct MSU NetID associated with your account. There is a known issue with departmental accounts.

I am having trouble navigating in the freeware

How do I download my old sequencing files form the Finch Server?